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Sustainability Projects
Poni Divers

Poni has a comprehensive green program including volunteering, research, student involvement, coral propagation, coral survey and much more.

Our Goals And Efforts

Coral Propagation Program

Poni Divers is proud to have hosted the first coral propagation program in Brunei in partnership with SCOT (Society for Community Outreach & Training) with corporate sponsorship from HSBC for the pilot program back in 2013. We are keen to continue developing our coral propagation program with support from local institutions and corporate sponsors. Please email us for more information.

Ghostnet Fishing Campaigns

Ghostnets are abandoned fishing nets that continue to catch fish for years leading to much waste. This is not an uncommon issue here in Brunei. At Poni Divers, we are looking at how to tackle this issue from the private sector and have currently been hosting regular ghostnet cleanups and also run a hotline for any fishermen who require assistance to recover their fishing nets. Please contact us at +6737199322 for more information.