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RAID Speciality Courses

Poni offers a wide range of Specialities Courses to add-on to your existing RAID Advanced 35

RAID Specialities

Whether you are looking for more excitement or you want to acquire additional skills or simply expand your knowledge and boost your confidence, you are sure to find something of your interest among a vast array of specialty courses at Poni Dive Center.

Each specialty will take you one step closer to the distinguished Master Scuba Diver rating – the highest level of recreational Diver education available. Scroll down to see more details.

We can help you achieve more

Our well-trained and active Dive Master and Instructors are happy to help you. Get in touch with one of them via our contact form and let us know your questions regarding any speciality offered here.

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Specialities Courses
+ RAID Deep40
+ RAID Wreck
+ RAID Search & Recovery Diver
+ RAID Photography
+ RAID night diver & limited visibility diver
+ Navigation Diver
+ RAID Nitrox
+ RAID Sidemount diver
+ RAID Oxygen Administration
+ RAID Boat diver
+ RAID Eco Diver
+ RAID Dry Suit Diver
+ RAID Equipment
+ RAID DPV (Advanced)
+ RAID Action Camera
+ RAID Shark Diver
Distinctive Specialities
+ Rescue EAN
+ Compressor Awareness