B runei Darussalam is located along the coast of the Northern Borneo Island and is considered as part of the Coral Triangle. Coral Triangle is  located in the West of Pacific Ocean comprising the zone water of Borneo Island, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste.

This zone provides the highest diversity of corals, fishes, mollusks, turtles, crustaceans, decapods in the region. Due to high animal richness; corals spawn and algae blooms tremendously giving wonderful life and colours in our ocean. In fact, personally it is like going into a different world!

Diving can also be included as part of research and study. The ocean is a large platform of research offering excellent attraction to oceanographer, marine biologists, geologists, ecologists and much more! It is fascinating to observe  behaviour of fishes, the growth of the coral polyps, the changing in patchiness of corals and the ecology.

Not just the present, past environment studies can also be done by looking through the recent deposits e.g. past climate change due to global warming, of which scientists in all over the world are establishing solutions in combating unusual climate issues! Throughout my experience, in association with Universiti Brunei Darussalam and universities abroad, Poni Divers have helped me a lot in my research studies including species identifications and sample collections (samples were also collected even up to 60 meters deep!). Additionally, the results obtained have successfully been published in high impact journals! And more to come!!

So to the knowledge seeker out there, scuba diving in the ocean is an interesting sport, a wonderful life experience. We may have a lot of marine studies done and yet, there are massive amounts of things have yet to be discovered! So let’s get it started, shall we?