Snorkeling at Pelong Rock

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First time snorkeling? Yes. First time in an open water? Yes. Do I want to do it again? A big fat YES.

I can’t tell you how much of a nerve-wrecking experience it was for me but I can tell you one thing, it was AMAZING. I was more of an indoor person to be perfectly honest, it was when I had enough of the naysayers that I dared myself to change and learn some new things. Thus, I become an outdoor person until now and will forever crave for some adventures.

I was a member in the Adventure Club when I was studying in Politeknik Brunei and so I joined one of the club’s events which was Snorkeling with Poni Divers. I was so hyped and just very excited. So the day had come, we went to the Poni Divers Dive Centre located in Serasa Beach. We were given a briefing, then each of us were given snorkel equipment and then we good to go. The place we went for our snorkel trip was at Pelong Rock and it was 20-30mins from the dive center by boat. sweet ride!

Pelong Rock

As soon as we arrived, just wow. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I just never seen this beautiful part of Brunei in my entire life. It surprised me how visible the water was. I really did it. I just checked one of my bucket list. Seeing beautiful corals, discovering new species, witnessing the underwater life. Just amazing!We also found Nemo (the famous animated clownfish) in its home.







Not only I got to experience snorkeling in the open water, I got to swim freely in the open water facing my biggest fear without using any life jackets. In addition to that, one of the instructors told me that he saw a small shark when we were having fun in the water! how crazy was that? I would really love to see one!

Having that much fun, I just couldn’t describe how lucky I was to experience this in my own country. I would so do this again maybe trying the scuba diving instead! I had such an amazing time. Talk about safety? yes, the instructors watched us like a hawk. I’m not kidding and they are friendly too! Not only gaining new experience, but gaining new friends. New friends are like new adventures. You never know what life lessons they’ll teach you. In my case, they taught me how to snorkel, dive and have fun! it was great.