W atersports with Poni Divers was a whole new experience for me, yes coming from a person who has fear of the water, it is definitely something new! To FINALLY have faced my fear and enjoying every bit of the water activities is for me, an unforgettable memory!

Poni Divers, one of the biggest diving centre in Brunei, offers not just diving but water sports activities too! such as Viper (a 3 seater ride), Bandwagon (a 6 seater ride), Banana boat (a yellow banana look alike ride hence the name? hahah, a 3 seater ride), jetski and FOOD! Yes! you heard that right, free BBQ food inclusive with the watersports package! They served succulent marinated BBQ chicken, super fresh grilled fish, grilled sausages, fresh veggies, tasty fried noodles and cold drinks! As cliché as it sounds, it’s as if I have forgotten my fear just from eating the good food. Plus! What a better way to spend your holiday with BBQ food by the beach with some good friends and good people!

Poni located at the end of Serasa Beach where the water is really calm, protected by the bay thus providing the perfect spot for watersports which for me is an advantage since you know, I am still a scaredy cat when it comes to rough seas! :p Well, feeling nervous for the first time, it all seems quite bearable with the support of the good people from Poni staffs and friends. They assured me that safety is not an issue as life jacket is provided and a MUST for customers to wear. What matter the most is just to have FUN.

The staff dragged the ‘viper’ ride with a boat in full speed, making it drift and glide on top of the water and I remembered thinking about my life. Yes, as dreadful as it sounds, it was a matter of life and death haha but I survived! And the amazing this is, I had so much fun. The ‘bandwagon’, a six person ride in which 3 will be sitting at the front and the other 3, standing at the back holding tight to the ride made the adventure worthwhile! Feeling the rush, the adrenaline kicking in and all I remembered was screaming at the top of my lungs. Definitely a perfect rush for thrill seekers!

Well despite my fears, I had a good scream and laugh throughout the event, I rode all of Poni’s watersports rides they had to offer and it was the best choice! I ended my day with the most beautiful and serene view of the sunset in Serasa beach, no doubt it was the best experience for me and thanks to Poni Divers for making it all happen!