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A sketch of Dolphin Wreck drawn by Anuar Abdullah
Why come to Brunei?

Diving in Brunei

Besides some colorful reefs, Brunei is also home to over 20 shipwrecks. Four are World War II shipwrecks, five are technical shipwrecks while eight are in shallow waters less than 20 metres. We introduce you to some of them here. More information can also be found on the “Dive Map” as well as under the menu point “Dive Sites”.

Extradionary Experience

Diving in Brunei

Brunei’s underwater world offers over 30 shipwrecks and many reef patches that are largely unexplored. On most of the shipwrecks and all coral dive sites here, you can find a plethora of colorful hard and softcoral not found in many places around the world anymore; large Gorgonian fans and wide table corals, to name a few.

We are especially lucky here to have a number of shipwrecks dating back to WWII; our most popular WWII wrecks are easily accessible by speedboat from our dive centre (about half an hour’s journey) and are enjoyed by Advanced Open Water divers and above. The wrecks by themselves are majestic, but the fish life on some of them is absolutely breathtaking – huge schools of yellowtail, barracuda and jacks often patrol the wrecks and make for some amazing photos.

We also have a wreck site called Oil Rig Wreck, which is made up of a number of decommissioned oil rigs that were sunk back in the 90’s to create an artificial reef, as part of the Rigs to Reefs program.
The WWII wrecks go down to 34m with top of 24m, while our other wreck sites are shallower, bottoming out at around 24m. Some wrecks, like the Oil Rig Wreck, have a maximum depth of 18m so Open Water divers can enjoy this site as well. Another of our wrecks, Dolphin88, is a Malaysian barge that sank about 4 years ago. Even though the wreck lies in 24m of water, this site is also suitable for Open Water divers as the top of the wreck is at 10m.

There is also plenty of macro life for those who are enthusiastic about macro. Some critters found around here include orangutan crab, harlequin shrimps, whipcoral crabs, anemone crabs, squat lobsters, etc. Our reefs offer an abundance of marine life and we are often lucky enough to see cuttlefish, octopus, morays, porcupine fish, giant puffers and sometimes the odd sea snake or two. Very occasionally we do see green and hawksbill turtles in our waters as well, as well as whale sharks during migration season.

More than just Reefs

Wrecks in Brunei

three of our wrecks here in Brunei – Blue Water Wreck, American Wreck and Cement Wreck – are listed as a must-dive by Jack Jackson in his popular book Top Wreck Dives of the World.

Sketched Wrecks

These sketches are done by Anuar Abdullah who dived continuously with Poni to get a better picture of the sleeping beauties at the bottom of the ocean. (tap/click to enlarge)